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An ever-changing panorama of color, light and shadow, it is surely one of the most spectacular sights on earth. Grand Canyon Immense and awesome, it is one of the most astounding accomplishments of our planet, with views that take your breath away. The sheer majesty and beauty of the scenery is beyond belief. Pictures do not, and cannot, do it justice. To really appreciate this most exquisite and beloved park you must see it with your own eyes. Glorious in the colors of fall, sparkling with winter snow, vibrant with new life in the spring, dazzling and glowing in the heat of summer; the Grand Canyon is fabulous in any season! 

The canyon measures 277 miles (443 km) from Lee's Ferry in the east, to Lake Mead in the west. It averages 10 miles (16 km) in width from rim to rim, with the greatest distance being 18 miles and the least being 5 miles. Its depth as measured from the north rim is 5700 feet. The south rim is approximately 1200 feet lower than the north rim. Grand Canyon National Park itself contains over a million acres of land. The Canyon is not that old, only 5 or 6 million years, but the rock layers exposed at the very bottom of the Grand Canyon are almost 2 billion years old!

GC in the winter
The south rim is open all year. It is for the most part a desert with no surface water to be found anywhere. The north rim is very different. It is sometimes referred to as the "other canyon." It receives much more rain and snow than the south rim. The north rim roads are closed from October 15th through May 15th.

There is no hostel at the Grand Canyon.
Favorite places to watch sunrises or sunsets on the south rim are Yaki Point and Lipan Point.
The visitor center is open from 8AM to 5PM daily.
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Sit back and let us do the driving - TAKE OUR TOUR!

The entrance fee for either rim of the Grand Canyon park is $25.00 per private vehicle (any number of people) or $10.00 for individual pedestrians or cyclists. The admission fee is good for 7 days and permits allow access to both the north and south rims. For seniors only - United States residents aged 62 years or older may purchase a Golden Age Passport for $10.00 which grants them free admission for life to all national parks and monuments. What a deal!
Cool water
Embark on an exciting trip down the Colorado River and dare to experience the thrill of white water rafting. Deep in the Grand Canyon lies the most exciting, gorgeous river trip in America. Motorized and oar-powered expeditions are offered and 3-19 day excursions are available.

Join a full length expedition traveling through the whole canyon or take a partial trip covering a specific section. Trips must be booked six months to a year in advance.
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Ride a mule on a remarkable Grand Canyon adventure. Travel down 4,300 feet into the depths of the canyon just like miners did a century ago. Enjoy the "inside perspective" of the canyon; the multicolored walls, massive geological formations and unforgettable views. Venture where the sculpted canyon walls tower hundreds of feet above, the Colorado River rages below, and experience the true vastness and beauty of the Grand Canyon. Day trips, 2 day/1 night trips and 3 day/2 night trips are available. Meals are eaten at Phantom Ranch. You must be at least 4'7" tall, weigh under 200 pounds and understand English. No pregnant women are allowed to ride. Advance registration is required. These trips are often booked a year in advance and fill up quickly, so plan ahead.  Call 1-303-297-2757 or info@canyon.net for more information.

Enjoy the wonders of this uniquely beautiful wilderness setting. Built in 1922, Phantom Ranch is a comfortable serene oasis at the bottom of the inner gorge. The western-style cabins and rustic main lodge offer a reminder of days gone by. Phantom Ranch can be reached only by mule, by foot or by rafting the Colorado River. Enjoy fishing, hiking and swimming. The Ranch is 10 miles from Bright Angel Trailhead, 7 miles from South Kaibab Trailhead, and 14 miles from North Kaibab Trailhead.

Cabin and dormitory accommodations are available. The cabins have two bunkbeds and have toilet facilities only; there are showers  available at a central location. The dormitory rooms have 10 bunkbeds each and both toilet and shower facilities. The price of dormitory accommodations is around $43.00 per night. Limited but outstanding meals are available as well. They must be reserved in advance.  Make sure your reservations for accommodations are confirmed before leaving for the ranch.  Backcountry permits are not  required for Phantom Ranch. 

For current pricing and reservations call 1-303-297-2757 or contact:

Reservation Department
Grand Canyon National Park Lodge
PO Box 699
Grand Canyon, AZ 86023



1-888-442-2696 • 1-928-779-9421

19 1/2 South San Francisco Street
Flagstaff AZ 86001