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Bryce Canyon National Park
View thousands of majestic spires as they rise in brilliant color from the amphitheaters of Bryce Canyon. Millions of years of wind and water worked to carve out these natural minarets. The most brilliant hues of the park can be seen at daybreak and sunset. The canyon is more beautiful than ever during the winter months when the delicately carved spires take on a new look with their frosting of glistening snow. There are many walking and hiking trails along the rim or to the bottom of the canyon, or a 30-minute round-trip drive will take you to all of Bryces most famous viewpoints. Horseback rides are also a great way to see the canyon. 5.5 hours from Flagstaff. 1-801-834-5322
Canyon De Chelly
  View the numerous ancient Native American ruins that are nestled below towering cliffs. Beautiful steep-walled canyons display the colorful hues of sandstone in contrast with the green and fertile canyon floor. Jeep tours available. 3 hours from Flagstaff. 1-928-674-5500
Grand Canyon National Park

Gape in awestruck wonder at one of the most spectacular sights on Earth. As perhaps the nations most exquisite and beloved park, it has views that take your breath away. One of the world's "Seven Wonders", it's immense and awesome - an ever-changing panorama of color, light and shadow; fabulous in any season! 1 hour, 20 minutes from Flagstaff.  1-928-638-7888

Grand Canyon Caverns

Limestone caverns 21 stories below the earth's surface. Guided walking tours take approximately 45 minutes. An elevator lowers the tour group 210 feet underground, 21 stories below the earth's surface, to the mysterious caverns. You can also see a replica of a giant ground sloth extinct for 20,000 years, and the mummified remains of an old bobcat.  1.5 hours from Flagstaff. 


  Drive up majestic Mingus Mountain to Jerome, and enjoy spectacular views of the Verde Valley and the distant San Francisco Peaks. Transformed from prosperous copper-mining town, to Ghost Town, to the present day artists colony, this unique community is not to be missed. See the town's extraordinary period houses and visit the Douglas mansion. This historic dwelling, built in 1916 for copper baron James S. Douglas, now houses exhibits on history, mining, and geology. 2 hours from Flagstaff. 1-928-634-5381
Lake Powell
  The mighty Glen Canyon Dam built in 1963 created this enormous lake. Explore its endless coastline, dramatic canyons, sandy beaches, and ancient Anasazi petroglyphs. Unearthly in its beauty, this "jewel of the desert" is the aquatic home of Rainbow Bridge; an enormous natural arch of stone. 2.5 hours from Flagstaff. 1-928-608-6200
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